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Soon available! iPhone & Android


A new news format

Rushcast is a new, dynamic audio news format where you can customize the news feed according to your time, needs and interests.

With Rushcast, you consume news with your ears. Whenever you want, you can listen to your newspapers, magazines and favorite blogs. Behind the wheel, on your bike, when jogging or while walking the dog.

Interactive sound

All content is recorded separately, in headlines, summaries and full articles. This allows you to navigate within the sound – in order to create a listening experience that suits the moment.

More news in
less time

With Rushcast, you can consume a full newspaper faster than it can be read. You can increase playback speed up to three times the original recording. Compared to other formats, you wont be distracted by ads or flicking and scrolling pages.


Browse the sound

Start listening through all headlines and add your favorites to your playlist, as summaries or as full articles.

The experience is similar to browsing readable news
- but now in audio format.

The evolution of news

Rushcast allows you to consume more news in less time, but more importantly in situations where it used to be impossible – like in the car, on the bike or at the gym. Rushcast drives the news evolution another step forward.



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Rushcast is coming soon for iPhone and Android devices.
Then we can finally listen to what’s going on in the world.

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